February 21, 2012

GP4 Onboard Lap - Kimi Räikkönen - Circuit de Catalunya - 2011

New track update by F1 virtual Team: Circuit de Catalunya 2011. Release date is unknown, as there is still some refining to do. Let's wait and see !

Thanks to Mathieu for hard work at footage and sound packing and yet Jorge Caranti and GP4 Forever crew for PLUS stands and garages.

In this amazing promotional video, Kimi Räikkönen gets his hands on the Renault R31 for a quick shake down in Barcelona.

Hope you all enjoy

February 11, 2012

GP4 Onboard Lap - Mark Webber - Bahrain International Circuit - 2010

Comments from Mathieu Brière, who kindly made for F1 virtual another great video for a WIP Project. Thanks, big fellow!

I´d like to dedicate this video to all Bahraini who suffered from the political troubles that have been occuring there since last year.

New WIP track by the F1 virtual team: Bahrain 2010. That race was very boring in real life, but the layout is very interesting and sort of challenging. Although it may seem ready, some parts are still buggy and need more attention. That lap was 6 tenths faster than Webber's actual fastest lap that year.