February 20, 2010

The quest for the perfect Roof

About a week ago Mr. r@m decided to show us his sketches for Yas Hotel for Yas Marina Circuit Project (Picture 01).

I´ve noticed roof mesh should be a bit smoother, and had my own 3d making attempt, which result one can see at pictures 2 - 4.

In my point of view we should focus at face mapping on that roof, and a 2400 faces count would be a reasonable number due to GP4 PC spec demandings. Besides, mesh would be as smoother as we could get and there would be no harm for PO in the end.

So that r@m had a new look on to his job, improving its shape and face number just a bit. He got some of the original elevations of the hotel from Asymptote Architecture Website (http://www.asymptote.net) which helped a lot for better accuracy (pictures 4-8)

This way I think we pushed hard enough to achieve such a great result (Pic 09).

Hope you enjoy too.

Picture 01: Yas Hotel first impressions from R@m

Picture 02: Gildoorf construction process at Autocad. Face number: 2400

Picture 03: Mesh making

Picture 04: Final object with some sort of mistakes that would take a lot of time to fix.

Picture 05: R@m Process at 3dsmax: Create box + extrude shape + Rough out the contours + Meshsmooth to its final shape + face mapping = voilà!

Picture 06: Mesh smoothing

Picture 07: face number at this stage ~3000 faces and some boundaries to be mesh smoothed

Picture 08: Final shape: 3632 faces and gorgeous!

Picture 09: Test ingame. No harm to PO so far. Around 20% on my humble PC

February 19, 2010

Yas Marina dat progress

It seems nobody cares about a good dat file anymore. Well, we from F1 Virtual care.

If one looks for any picture of dat files around those numberous communities world around it´s unlikely to succeed.

It´s all about convert this, convert that, and few people gets really interested to put their hands on the wheels.

If there´s not a good dat, as realistic as possible, believe us, there´s not going to be a good result in the end. Or, it will be good, but not massive, not the one we ultimately expect for GP4.

And GP4 has a great tool named GP4 Builder,with what a great track for GP4 can be precisely constructed on a few and essencial movements. And everyone is able to do that, there´s no magic at all, despite its wizard Maker.

Here´s the wip job for yas marina circuit so far. Hope you enjoy and be fond of track making anytime.

By the way, Paulo just approved elevations with his clinic eye and I´m very proud of it. He also provides us with the best CCline so far.

PS.: But, what´s is that object rising in the horizon? That´s what we call a "hook" for next postings. Keep watching!