December 30, 2009

Mas não é que é Portimão, ora pois?

For 2010, I´ll keep myself focusing F1 circuits. There´s much to be done, and we want them all. So here´s the update list, with my own impression on what-to-do for circuits available for 2010 championship:

1. Bahrain: 100% done and released;
2. Melbourne: 100% ok for TTM version; I´d like to update it to 2010 contender, but it would take time;
3. Sepang: 95% close to release;
4. Shanghai: All 3d landscape done, though not yet mapped, I would say 40% done so far;
5. Barcelona: 100% done and released, and I hope I´ll never touch it again;
6. Monaco: 85% done, not much to be done by me, but it need lots of hands afterall;
7. Turkish: 80%, same as Sepang, a bit delayed but never forgotten;
8. Canada: 100% ok for TTM version. I´ll update it to 2010, for sure. And Tero is gonna help us;
9. Valencia: There´s a track I want to finish this year. So far great progress by Matt Schroeder, but we need to fix dat file elevations and some fine tuning to start a brand new 3d environment;
10. Silverstone: 80% close to release;
11. Germany: I have remade whole dat and for sure this track will be done for 2010;
12. Budapest: 100% done and released;
13. Spa-Francorchamps: 80% close to release;
14. Monza: For me, TTM´s is the definitive one;
15. Singapore: I promiss I´ll finish xavier´s dat so we will surely get over it this year;
16. Suzuka: Paulo has changed dat file to its definitive concept, so it would worth to deal a bit with that circuit;
17. Korean: I don´t know, this one can wait;
18. Interlagos: 95% close to release;
19. Abu Dhabi: Paulo has captured its essence on his amazing dat. I´ll put my hands over it, who knows?

Test tracks:

1. Portimão: As I´m currently running for GP2 MOD, I´d like to have it as well.
2. Jerez: (...);
3. Mugello: Maybe a cooperation with Mr. Davide.

That´s it, we´re close to put an end on this great schedule, but there´s too much passion as well as patience. If we need 3 more years to retirement, we gotta stay tight.

We wish you all a great 2010, and keep your eyes on F1 Virtual Team.

December 24, 2009

Feliz natal a todos! Merry Christmas everyone!

Como dito, a pista de Spa estará pronta até o último dia do ano. Espero pegar leve no vinho e na cerveja esse fim de semana. Próximos passos são coisas simples e rápidas. Muito do que vocês veem nas imagens são dos trabalhos anteriores do Davide e do MarioB. Espero que esta seja uma versão definitiva dessa pista fantástica. Estou muito orgulhoso e contente com o resultado.

ATUALIZAÇÃO: Já terminei minha parte em Spa. Agora está nas mãos de colegas e estará disponível assim que 100% concluída. Em breve, ainda antes da véspera de ano novo, surpresa.

As said before, Spa-francorchamps gotta be ready until next december 31th. Hopefully I´ll slow down on beer and wine during this weekend. Next week just little things here and there... As you can see, some textures and some 3d objects are from Davide´s and MarioB´s. I suppose this track will be the definitive one. I´m really glad of it.

UPDATE: I´m just done with Spa. Now it´s on other hands and hopefully we must have it for GP4 when it´s 100% complete. In the next days another surprise, before new year eve.

December 05, 2009

Spa 2009 pronta até o fim do ano (sim, papai noel)

Graças ao Ed Schueyfan, me inspirei a retornar a esse projeto. Também o trabalho final do Davide foi motivo pra eu colocar as mãos na massa.

Toda a parte em 3d está pronta, mas nós do F1 Virtual precisamos de gente boa pra criar e mapear texturas em nossos objetos. Quem se habilita?


Thanks to Ed Schueyfan, I got myself inspired again to get back to this project. Also Davide´s version has turned me on.

All 3d part is done, but we are still looking for people interested to create and map textures to our objects... It would really make our lives pretty easier. Who´s in?