March 22, 2011

Motorland 3D progress

While F1 does not land at my room... I spend my time with some funny stuff from Motorland Circuit at Alcaniz, Spain. It´s not much work as Algarve was, not too much buildings, a really not complex pitbuilding, easy modelling landscape and many aerial pictures and videos to use as reference. So far, so good. Hope you enjoy.

March 17, 2011

GP4 Onboard Lap - Nico Rosberg - Circuito do Algarve - 2011

Nico Rosberg, aka Mathieu Brière, put his wheels at Circuito do Algarve at Portimão, Portugal, for a very private session these days. Here his first impressions of the new GP4 venue:

"Great fun ! Many 1st gear turns, but all different to each other, so they're very challenging. Challenging is how I'd describe this track best".

"While some corners look easy on map, they need a different approach due to the previous corner. The best example are turns 11 & 12. You have to turn in late and slow down just enough for the second apex, which then becomes quicker than one would think".

"Track seems very accurate. From the hills inside the track to the buildings, every detail is shown with outstanding accuracy. Just watch an A1GP onboard and you'll see!".

Thanks Mathieu, oops... Mr. Rosberg.

P.S.: Track project is still WIP. Further development will be achieved to last version at proper time.

March 10, 2011

Motorland Aragon by F1 Virtual

Some brief information about this new project of us:

1. Dat file was managed by Paulo, 9 meters (same as two dat sectors) shorter than real thing;
2. All further development were my researches along some Algarve resting days;
3. Elevations are based at official "desniveles" (altimetry profile) available and a cycling lap under GPS assistance. Final result is a merge of both, once none of them is related to FIA layout;
4. Secondary layout were created just for 3d meshes, no plans to be used as dat file.
5. Project is running for fun, so no release target at all.

March 03, 2011

É uma pista portuguesa, com certeza!

Mais do nosso trabalho até o momento. O Paulo está em mudança e por isso vai ficar muito feliz por ver esse pequeno progresso.

O Pitbuilding está bem interessante, umas sombras aqui e ali para acentuar o realismo.

As arquibancadas com patrocinadores foi a parte mais trabalhosa, mas aprendi bastante para as próximas.

PS.: A textura do céu é artificial, ainda. Mas... o que não é?

Further enhancements at Algarve Circuit. Paulo is moving to a new place, so he will be glad for steady progress so far.

Pitbuilding is way interesting, a bit work on shadows here and there to get it more realistic.

Sponsor stands have been whole project drama so far. But I´ve got lots of learning to next time.

PS.: Sky texture is not based on a dome mapping. Not yet.