October 29, 2010

Abu dhabi, by Richard "Mad Max" r@m

1. Kerb making - as close as possible to real thing

2. Marshall Stand - 98 polys (Compared to F1 2010 Codemaster - 1,311 faces)

3. LG Safety Car Lights - 20 faces

4. Bank strips making - modelling them and render the mesh to texture

Keeping up his journey throughout this beauty F1 venue, Richard expands his methods of track making and poly fighting.
Most of the job we have seen so far has proved how committed he is in terms of Processor performance and realism. You are able to judge yourselves.

October 18, 2010

The Fuji Experiment

Mais uma experiência maluca. Um modelo 3D do Monte Fuji, retirado de dados SRTM (dados de satélite da NASA) e transformado em 3D com um algoritmo Triangulação de Delaunay. Um monte de conceitos que talvez não façam diferença nenhuma para o leitor.

No final, isso servirá de base para avaliar se objetos grandes e distantes como esse ficam melhores representados em 3D ou em 2D com uma textura simples.

Another crazy experiment. A 3D model of Mount Fuji, taken from SRTM (NASA Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission) data and taken into 3D using a Delaunay Triangulation algorithm. Some concepts that may not matter at all for the reader.

Eventually, this will be used to evaluate if large and distant objects like this are better in 3D, or in 2D using a single texture.

October 17, 2010

Mugello landscape shots (For Davide)

I have asked Davide two weeks to enhance some points of his gorgeous job, and I´m trying my best here, on these topics:

1. Improve some textures based on real pictures (kerbs, trees, horizon)
2. Improve some of the 3d landscape, mainly hills and inner land;
3. Create new 3d Bridges for main straight;
4. Create new podium;
5. Improve banks with some 3d making;

I´m not sure now if two weeks are enough. But Please, Davide, it won´t hurt!