June 03, 2008

We will not forget you!

Só pra avisar a vocês que agradecemos aos mais de 10.000 acessos!

Por sinal, a imagem acima é mais recente.

Just to tell you that we thank you so much for 10.000 pageviews (so far)!

By the way, picture above is very fresh!


Anonymous said...

Very promising track again [lo2k]

gildoorf said...

Hi mate... Good to know you´re around...

Well, we just have to release these tracks now... But we are always find something that could be enhanced so... :)

Maybe a 2008 Trackpack at the end of the year, or each one per time, who knows?

Istanbul is a gorgeous place, and I´m really proud of it so far.

TTM said...

Master of the land coverages has been around, again.. ;)

Keep up good work, mate!

32BOBO32 said...

great track mate! :D i'm a little bit busy atm but i have to send you something promised :p
waiting for bahrain and spain mate :P

gildoorf said...

Hi mates...

@TTM, yeah, and that´s what I want to achieve for Fuji as well. Remember you can build 3d grandstands on a plain and there will be no problem to insert it later on wad.

@Samuele, now looking forward your stuff... But just remind me what should it be? I think you could do the same for Mugello track in near future, ok?