August 06, 2008

A corrida mais chata da temporada!

Hungaroring como vista no último fim de semana. Em progresso, refazendo muito relevo e novas texturas e objetos, próprios e de colegas da comunidade.

Trabalho do F1Virtual em cooperação com Kimi-the-Champ e (pasmem!) Lo2k na criação de texturas e mapeamento do novo prédio dos Boxes.

As post title says: "Most boring race of the season!".

Hungaroring as seen last weekend. WIP job, currently working with on landscape, new textures and objects, of our own and from some friends from community (TTM, SchueyFan and Ruboy)

F1Virtual is working in cooperation with Kimi-the-champ and Laurent Lo2k in this Project. Kimi will work on mapping in later stage, and Lo2k creates new textures as chicane kerbs as new pitbuilding. Thanks a lot you both, mates.

1 comment :

SchueyFan said...

how many tracks is that now? :p

looks great, dont forget the Bridgestone 'B' at the chicane ;)

if you need any help, feel free to ask