April 11, 2009

Felipe, baby... Stay cool!

Sepang baseada na experiência de 2009, sem chuva e sem sol na cara.

O arquivo é feito do GP4 original, com muita coisa importada da versão do Lampert e mais recentemente do Ed Schueyfan.

Graças ao Lo2k, a cobertura da arquibancada principal foi aprimorada.

Sepang based on 2009 event. No rain, please. And no twilight time, sure.

Wad is done from standard GP4, but many 3d stuff were imported from Lampert´s 2006 and Schueyfan´s 2008 MOD. Some adverts are based on community stuff available at gpg.

Thanks for Ed and Laurent Lo2k (he´s guilty for these brand new roof tents)


Anonymous said...

roof tents are darker than in my screens, is that normal ?
(Great screens by the way)

gildoorf said...

Lo2k: I just edited pictures, not the texture itself :)

Anonymous said...

ok, that's the rainy effect :)

Anonymous said...

Wondeful work.

Schueyfan maid a 2008 mod or is it track pack?

SchueyFan said...

he refers to my 2008 trackpack, which will be ready this month


Anonymous said...

relase date??

psic0tico said...

como vão os trabalhos dessa pista?????