January 30, 2010

Bahrain: dat + wad changes

There are some issues to be done yet:

1. kerbs for new sectors
2. new TV cameras
3. some adjustment on track banking

All elevations are based on land profile I´ve got from google earth and some intuition of mine.

Hopefully it´s not far from reality in the end. Any of you who gets interested on searching endurance race videos I´ll be really glad.

For wad file, I´ll change it based on 2009 event, and final wad will suit perfectly for original and current layout. Hope they don´t change it for 2011!

UPDATE: Paulo and Ed have got some videos from where I based my elevations. It´s barely realistic for me now. Hope you all enjoy at the end. Sadly for 2 layouts with one single wad it won´t work out, so I gotta shape 2 wad for both layouts.

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