May 02, 2008

All we need is...

Progresso em Barcelona 2008.

Refiz a versão 2007 que eu tinha e que nunca me satisfez 100%. Talvez por isso nunca foi lançada.

Mas dessa vez será diferente.

Por sinal, agradecemos ao Ed Schueyfan pelas texturas fornecidas de sua versão hi-res.

Current progress on new Barcelona 2008.

I´ve made a whole change for 2007 one, which never tease me enough. Maybe that´s why it was never released.

But it sounds a bit different on this one now.

By the way, thanks to Ed Schueyfan for amazing hi-res textures.


SchueyFan said...

looks lovely!

btw, if you want me to send you any 2008 textures to assist with ad placements, as with 2007, get in touch :)

32BOBO32 said...

:O o my god..... i'm waiting for this track too now :O

gardaret said...

good picture... so good job

I waiting too :op

Anonymous said...

Acho que ficou melhor do que a pista real.
Parabéns pelo progresso!