December 07, 2008

O dia do quase...

Fiquei realmente empolgado mexendo com Barcelona neste domingo. A lista de coisas a corrigir foi diminuindo gradativamente durante o dia, a ponto de achar que conseguiria terminar tudo hoje. Ah, se amanhã não fosse segunda-feira! :)

O que mais me deixa orgulhoso é que este é o primeiro grande projeto da parceria F1Virtual a chegar próximo do lançamento, pouco depois do blog completar um ano (e nem fizemos postagem de aniversário...).

Quando estará pronta? Agora é questão de quanto tempo eu consigo mexer nela durante a semana, fazer os testes finais e correr pro abraço. Acho que não muito depois da lua cheia. E já ia me esquecendo: pra quem quiser também haverá texturas em alta resolução (que não usei nestas fotos), cortesia do Martin Ruboy.

I got really excited while working with Barcelona this Sunday. The "things-to-fix" list grew smaller as the day went through, and I even thought I could finish everything today! Sadly tomorrow is Monday! :)

What makes me proud is that Barcelona is F1Virtual's officialy first big project to reach its near-completion, not long after the blog's first anniversary (and we didn't post about it to commemorate...).

When it will be ready? Now it's just a matter of how much time I get to work on it during the week, then do the final tests and party. I think not long after the full moon. And before I forget, there will be an optional high-res texture pack (which I wasn't using at these photos) thanks to Ruboy.


Anonymous said...

Another track looking very smooth and finely crafted :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Paulo..these are nice screenshots :)
Btw, you have to tell me how you fixed the pit lane exit problem where the cars where turn to right instead of going smoothly straight.
I think Bahrain might have the same problem.
Well, I had a brake from GP4 for two months after completing my part of Barcelona and Magny Cours. I will start working on Sakhir in a few minutes...I want to finish my part of the job before christmas.

Martin (Ruboy)

Anonymous said...

..oops...I meant two weeks of course...not two months ;-)

Prblanco said...

Thanks guys :)

The problem at pitlane was eventually fixed because the Connect Pit Lane End flag was at the wrong sector. I have this problem at Valencia Beta too so this may not be the always-good solution. Anyway you can try moving this command one or two sectors ahead or behind and see what effects it has.

fongu said...

i can't wait to see these in my game, so close to release, i'm very excited at these high quality tracks.


SchueyFan said...

indeed, it looks fantastic!