February 03, 2009

Quase lá (versão hungria)

Graças ao bom trabalho do Laurent Lo2k e algumas mudanças minhas.

Thanks to main adjustments by Laurent and some changes of mine.


SchueyFan said...

good to see this project is still alive, fantastic work!


Anonymous said...

Hi, your pm box on GPG is full so I post here:

do you have any good photo materials from Interlagos you can hand over to me? I will search for photos on my own but any file will be helpful :)
This time I will try some new stuff concerning the textures for verges and banks to make them look even better...and I have a nice idea for the tarmac :)

Btw, how's progress with Bahrain? I forgot to mention the starting lights...I didn't pay attention if they are fine or if the have to be edited with the start light position tool...don't know...just forgot to check this issue.

Martin (Ruboy)

P.S. Hungary looks ace from the screenshots :)

SchueyFan said...

speaking of startlights, make sure you use tero's updated startlight texture, unless you are developing another one :)


Filou16 said...

What about a 88 version :)
Great job

psic0tico said...

Eu só não espero que o motor da minha Ferrari do Massa(com barbatana de TUBARÃO e não de TRÍRA) quebre a 3 voltas do final... eu quero correr nessa pista até a bandeirada final..hehehehehehe