July 30, 2009

50.000 acessos!

O time do F1 Virtual agradece aos mais de 50.000 acessos desde o nosso surgimento em novembro de 2007.

Continue bisbilhotando e comentando sempre. São todos muito bem vindos!

F1 Virtual Team thank you all for 50.000 pageviews since blog birth at november 2007.

Keep blogging, keep coming, you´re always very welcome!


psicotico said...

Vai ser difícil o novo F1 desbancar tão rápido o Grand Prix 4, o veim ainda é o Rock Balboa!!!!

psic0tico said...

Vai ter presente dos 50.000 acessos???????
e do dia dos pais????

Israel said...

Congratulations guys, you are doing a great job, and you are very constant and determinated.
Thank you very much for your job in gp4, that makes possible to us still continue playing with this wonderfull game during this 7 years since it was released.
Best wishes for you specially for Paulo.