July 21, 2009

Bernie´s bleuf bleuf bleuf... Bleuf(?)

Ecclestone defende revezamento de pistas inglesas

O chefão da F-1, Bernie Ecclestone, considera que as pistas de Donington Park e Silverstone podem acabar partilhando o GP da Inglaterra, para manter a corrida no calendário da categoria.

Como Donington enfrenta uma corrida contra o tempo para levantar o valor de 80 milhões de libras necessárias para melhorar a infraestrutura, Ecclestone sugeriu que Silverstone ainda pode voltar a acolher a etapa inglesa.

"Se eles não fizerem isso, Donington pode se unir a Silverstone, que se realizar tudo o que prometeu, vai voltar a ter corridas da F-1," falou Ecclestone ao jornal Independent on Sunday.

No entanto, existe um receio entre os organizadores da corrida de que haja pouco tempo para o circuito de Silverstone se adaptar para receber a prova. Damon Hill, presidente do Clube de Piloto de Corrida da Grã-Bretanha, proprietário da pista, é contrário ao revezamento.

"Eu não sou a favor do revezamento. Acho que isso é um insulto. Não se trata de uma estratégia de longo prazo. Sou favorável a um contrato com o GP da Inglaterra em Silverstone, porque não acredito que o projeto de Donington seja viável," falou.

(extraído do blog do Téo José - http://www2.uol.com.br/teojose/noticias/ult794u66037.shl)

British GP could alternate, says Bernie

Bernie Ecclestone has raised the prospect of the British Grand Prix alternating between Donington and Silverstone if the former is not ready to hold the 2010 race as planned.

With Donington’s financing of its £80m redevelopment project having been hit by the recession, Ecclestone indicated at Silverstone’s final scheduled F1 race last month that the event could return there after all next year if Donington fails to deliver on time.

And with Donington circuit CEO Simon Gillett still to confirm details of how the scheme will be funded, Ecclestone has now seemingly handed Silverstone a further lifeline by floating a race-share arrangement from next season.

"If they [Donington] don't do it, Donington will get together with Silverstone," the Formula 1 supremo told The Independent on Sunday newspaper.

After shocking the F1 paddock last summer by announcing a 10-year deal with Gillett to move the British race from its traditional Silverstone home, Ecclestone insisted he would not return the sport to the Northamptonshire venue even if Donington's plans fell through.

However after revealing last month that his change of stance towards Silverstone had come about because of a more constructive attitude from its owner the BRDC, Ecclestone has reiterated that the race will be back there in 2010 if Donington isn't ready and it in turn completes its own improvements to facilities.

"If Silverstone do all the things they promised me they are going to do, we are going to be at Silverstone," he added.

But while Silverstone has always made it clear it would welcome the British GP back should Donington not deliver, BRDC president Damon Hill has rejected the prospect of a race share arrangement.

The 1996 world champion says such a move would be “absurd” and that Ecclestone should instead negotiate a new long-term deal with Silverstone, Hill doubting the viability of Donington's plans.

“I am not in favour of rotating it,” he said.

"I think it's an insult. It's another absurd step to try and squeeze as much profit and as much benefit for the commercial rights-holder. It's not a long-term strategy."

"I'm in favour of the contract for the British Grand Prix being negotiated with Silverstone because I don't believe that the Donington project is viable."

Silverstone, however, has past experience of sharing the British round after the race alternated between the historic circuit and Brands Hatch between 1964 and 1986. Germany is the only country to currently alternating the venue for its race, with the event switched annually between Hockenheim and the Nurburgring so the circuits can share the race-hosting fees.

(extracted from http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?id=46406)


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