November 26, 2007

Fictional MOD for 2008. Opel Challenge?

On a exclusive preview, TonyB and gildoorf has been talking about a brand new MOD, all fictional as they say.

1. How´s progress: As far Tony says: “The DTM Opel isn't used in 06 or 07 so I thought of a fantasy Opel mod that would be easy to add new texture packs. This is an 86-94 F1 set, and other people could make anything they want - WTCC, WRC, etc…”

2. Which tracks would be within: As many fantasy tracks as we can finish, Tony words… AMS, Pasagarda, Uqbar, Marfield, Elimeno…

Let´s see what happens. It seems a very good start, what do you say?

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