November 26, 2007

TonyB interview - DTM `05 and else

So, it´s been a productive morning here…

I´ve been talking to TonyB about DTM Mod and some other issues as well.

Now listen to his feedback:

F1 Virtual: About DTM MOD bigness

Tony: 316mb - you are right it is big. I hadn't noticed! I just assume that mods are big these days, but there is 100mb of Jorge's videos which don't compress too well. Maybe a lite version without those would be good?
You answer, my friend… For me, and my ADSL it would be nice.

F1 Virtual: About CSM approach

Tony: you need to take the plunge

Well, I have to google what “plunge’ may be...

F1 Virtual: About Physics

Tony: changing to default physics will be bad. The physics are (never) perfect but I think we've done ok. But will probably refine them a bit

F1 Virtual: About sounds

Tony: two things - its not easy editing them for gp4, and I’m not the best, but they aren't too bad

F1 Virtual: About tracks

Tony: the tracks are very detailed so they take a lot of PO. You could try downsizing the textures in them.

Me? You me mine? No no, let´s remain with we have for now

F1 Virtual: do you confirm Istanbul, Spa and Mugello updating for DTM?

Tony: How do you mean? We'll work on Mugello for DTM 06 or 07, you can convert Spa to F1 07/08

F1 Virtual: Is there going to be a 2008 MOD for DTM?
Tony: I don't know. We'll have to see if DTM exists in 2008 . But it might be time for a break then. All the scheduled tracks will be made though, so maybe a quickly made 08 mod is possible.

F1 Virtual: what are, in your opinion, the best release for 2007 after DTM MOD?

Tony: hmm, I haven't really downloaded much in 2007.1995 mod, 2006 mod, 1991 mod.

F1 Virtual: Best car?

Tony: hmmmm...Williams FW15C or a 2007 car? I can only really remember Fongu's Aguri and now a Renault....

F1 Virtual: best track?

Tony: DTM Spa maybe. It blows my mind everytime I see it - MarioB done a fantastic job. or TTM's tracks

F1 Virtual: where is Alonso going to be next year?

Tony: at home watching f1 on tv?

F1 Virtual: playing gp4?

Tony: yeah, probably. Surely the champ will be ferrari/mclaren so he has lost out i think. renault won't improve, honda will be no where...

F1 Virtual: why GP4 is stil the best option for F1 simulation?

Tony: dunno. i havent tried others, but gp4 is still good enough...

Ok, TonyB, thanks for answer and now looking forward new and great MODs from you and your friends. Congratulations once again from F1 Virtual, and thanks for Christmas gift.

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