November 26, 2007

Release of the Year

Hi there

Sometime ago i have a try on a very beta version for DTM MOD by TonyB and friends.

It really amazed my eyes, as I remember. Work was being done with such passion and full of details. I was really looking forward for this MOD and now it´s coming.

I have not yet a try, as Paulo had, but there are some to consider about his sayings, and I would like to share with you as personal opinions (well, it´s a blog anyway):

  1. 316 MB, too much connection. Surely, but it´s not a simple MOD, it´s almost a new game itself;
  2. Mod released as a CSM compatible file… I´m not keen of CSM, but if it´s a need, let´s go.
  3. You don’t have to be truck skilled at first stages, as Paulo says... If you don´t understand why cars appears slow as hell, just change the physics to original GP4… Well, it´s not going to be so realistic, but cars will not appear remained stocked on track;
  4. Spa track and Istanbul will be updated to 2008 version, as soon as we here have them ready and set for F1. The same for Mugello, as Tony has already asked me files to include for this DTM. Jst to remember, DTM has done some testing at Vallelunga this year and, as far as I know, there´s an odd GP4 version for this fine track;
  5. About sounds: well, sound is not a greatest hit on GP4… For any MOD so far… I haven´t heard DTM as it goes now, but that´s obviously some I won´t put my expectations high.
  6. PO. It means “Piss off” sometimes, and mainly due to our brazilian specs. I doubt a lot people on Europe will have this problem. My machine will, no doubts J.

Well, that´s it.

Congratulations guys involved. 3 years, 897 days, 5 car models, N new tracks… These are big numbers, and surely the Release of the Year 2007.

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